Josh’s Last Week Review

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Less than a week remaining and I feel like I am tasting food for the first time! My taste buds seemed to have improved and they now love the simplicity in food and quality rather than quantity.

Apollo Grill

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Apollo Grill | VeganizeMe

Apollo Grill is one of our favorite restaurants in the Lehigh Valley and often the restaurant we take out of town friends and family. We love the staff and everyone always makes us feel at home. They have always taken care of me as a meat/fish lover, so I was excited to see what they would present me with as a newly dedicated vegan. Not only did my vegan meal look like a work of art, it also tasted amazing!

First Week Review

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My week in review…..

My first week as an official vegan was crazy. I just got back from Italy and the following day the VeganizeMe program began.

First, was the food shopping, which Dr. Bentson makes as easy as possible. Then, was the meal preparation (three meals and three snacks daily). It was difficult at first to get used to such a regimented diet compared to my free spirited Italian vacation; eating and drinking, what I wanted ,when I wanted.

I have not craved meat since I’ve started, which I surely thought would happen! The meal plans are well thought out with a variety of choices, so one never gets bored with the program.

I have exercised once a day for an hour (weights, run/walk intervals, tennis, etc). I feel really good and my energy level is up!

So far so good….

– Josh

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