Josh’s Last Week Review

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Less than a week remaining and I feel like I am tasting food for the first time! My taste buds seemed to have improved and they now love the simplicity in food and quality rather than quantity.

art of foodI have been pleasantly surprised about the vegan options I can find when traveling and out at restaurants. The food has been amazing and I never felt like I was missing out. I definitely always leave the restaurants feeling great and filled.

Despite eating a lot more than I ever did, I am losing weight. I am down 10 pounds and think I may lose a little more before this is all over. I now find myself reading labels to make sure everything is vegan, but also healthy.

This little experiment was perfect time! When I was younger, I would have never been open minded enough to try this. I will be honest, I will probably not stay vegan, but I will now fill many of meals with vegan options and will definitely have vegan food days.

Hope to see you at VegFest!


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