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VeganizeMe Guy Josh | VeganizeMe | Bethlehem Vegfest

Meet your 2013 VeganizeMe guy, Josh Attanasio! He’s a 34 year old from Bethlehem, PA who is gearing up for his month long vegan experience leading up to this year’s Bethlehem VegFest! You will be able to get to know Josh as you follow along on his vegan journey right here on the VeganizeMe Blog; let’s get started!

When we asked Josh why he was willing and ready to take on the VeganizeMe Challenge, here is what he had to say…

VeganizeMe 2013

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On Saturday, September 7, 2013 Bethlehem, PA will be hosting their 3rd annual VegFest! Bethlehem VegFest is a street and food festival that is geared towards vegans, vegetarians and individuals interested in a healthy lifestyle. The event draws over 10,000 people and is a total blast.

VeganizeMe_youanew-resultsIn the 30 days leading up to Bethlehem VegFest 2012, Dr. Kristen Bentson took a meat (and beer) lovin’ man, Chris Lenhart, and showed him how to adopt a meatless, plant-based/whole foods diet. Dr. Bentson took him through the vegan version of her YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition Program. The results speak for themselves! Chris lost 16 pounds; his body mass index decreased by 2.2, his fat percentage was lowered by 4.5% and his visceral (organ) fat went from high to normal, plus he gained 2.5% muscle all over the course of one month.

Well, we are ready to do it again!! In the month leading up VegFest 2013, we’ve chosen Joshua Attanasio of Downtown Bethlehem to be our VeganizeMe man!! His wife, Laurel Attanasio, is a prominent yoga instructor and hard-core vegan whose been trying to get her husband to go meatless for a while. We are so excited to watch Josh’s progress and hear all about his 30 day vegan adventure.

We would love for you to join Josh by joining the Vegan ’til Vegfest Challenge. Incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet and go meatless from today until September 7. Tell us that you’re joining the movement and be entered to win all kinds of cool prizes like a VeganizeMe Kickstart Plan, a Private Yoga Session, Vegan Dinner for 2 in Downtown Bethlehem, and other Vegan Products. Change Your Meals, Change Your Life!!

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