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The Big Idea: Get everything you need to kickstart a plant-based, whole foods diet. 

veganizeme-500_simple-planThe Story: Samantha Schwartz had a brilliant idea—to bring Vegfest, a street and foods festival, to downtown Bethlehem, PA. So in 2011, Bethlehem Vegfest was born. Its first year was a smashing success with 10,000 in attendance. To make the second annual year fresh and exciting, Sam and her cohorts had yet another sparkling idea. This year, they would take a guy who lived for meat and beer and turn him into a vegan for one month leading up to vegfest. His experience would be documented and the results of his journey would be hosted live at the conclusion of the festival. The next step was to find their Veganize Me Man—they needed an open and willing participant. They found Chris Lenhart a 30 something year old electrician who was open to doing whatever it took to get healthy, lose weight and boost his energy.

So now, they had a festival, a challenge and a willing Veganize Me participant, but they weren’t sure what to do next. That’s where I come in. A week or two before the project was set to begin, my office got a call. They needed a program, and they needed it fast. So, I hooked Chris up with the Vegan version of the YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition Program, and the results were awesome. His fat melted away, his energy levels soared, and he began to understand the benefits of a plant-based whole foods diet.

Okay, here’s where it gets juicy. In working with a lot of vegans and vegetarians, I’ve come to realize that when they first walk into my office, so many of them are overweight, tired and feel like garbage. Although they don’t eat animal protein, they aren’t healthy. So, I decided to come up with a Veganize Me Kickstart program that would teach people how to go vegan the right (healthy) way AND give them the tools/resources they need to be a success.

Now, this is where you come in. Maybe you’ve thought about going vegan or vegetarian but haven’t known where to start. Or maybe your kid wants to adopt a vegan lifestyle but you’re nervous that they won’t get the nutrients their body needs. It’s time for you to invest in the Veganize Me Kickstart Program. It’s time to do this. You can Change Your Life By Changing Your Meals, and I can show you how. Buy It Now!

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